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Owning Your Omeka Workshop Series: Workshop 1 Getting Started with Reclaim Hosting

Owning Your Omeka Workshop Series: Workshop 1 Getting Started with Reclaim Hosting

Workshop 1 - Getting Started with Reclaim Hosting


In this 2-hour workshop learners will gain experience setting up a Reclaim Hosting web hosting account and begin to install their own Omeka website. Learners will gainexposure to using Reclaim's CPanel and a FTP Client to later add plugins and themes to their Omeka site. We'll also explore how to judge when to use Reclaim Hosting, Omeka.net, blogs.uoregon.edu, or page.uoregon.edu when creating a digital project due to technical and social contexts.

Learners of all levels of technicial experience are encouraged to attend!

About the Workshop Series

UO Libraries presents a three-part workshop series to learn how to create your own Omeka website from start to finish!

Omeka is an open-source web publishing platform ideal for sharing digital collections and curating online exhibits. Academics, museum professionals, and librarians around the world use the platform because it allows users to conceptualize and build multimedia exhibits.

We'll be using Reclaim Hosting, a website hosting platform that allows anyone to purchase web server space to host web applications like Omeka, Wordpress, Scalar, Mukurtu, Grav, and a whole bunch of other platforms to support your digital projects.

The goal of this workshop series is for learners to:

  • Understand the basics of working with Reclaim Hosting and a Fiile Transfer Protocol Client
  • Install and work with Omeka themes and plugins using Reclaim Hosting and FTP
  • Getting to know Curatescape, a mobile-friendly geospatial location storytelling theme and plugin suite used to make tours and tell location-based stories

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Friday, October 11, 2019
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Knight DREAM Lab Workshop Space (122)
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