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Statistics in R

Statistics in R

Want to use R, but don’t feel like you have the statistical skills? Come participate in this workshop that combines basic statistical theory with applications in R. Learn about hypothesis testing, statistical assumptions (and how to check them in R), descriptive statistics, and data management. This course covers the initial steps that should be taken before running correlations, t-tests, chi-squared tests, ANOVAs, and Regressions. Actually performing and interpreting these tests will take place in Statistics in R II, therefore it is it is recommended that they be taken as a series. These workshops are intended to build off of the Master the Tidyverse workshop series (https://uoregon.libcal.com/calendar/dataservices/tidyverse_2020_1?hs=a), and a basic understanding of RStudio is recommended.

Thursday, February 20, 2020
5:00pm - 6:30pm
Knight 144
  Data Management     R     Statistics     Workshop  
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Alicia DeLouize