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Space Availability - Knight Library

The Knight Library has created a room with furniture and equipment to make it a little easier to study when you may also being caring for a small child. It's also a place where you can more privately feed a child, pump, or nurse. 

Reservations are required to use the room, but you may walk up to the circulation desk and make a reservation for immediate use.  Reservations may be made up to two weeks in advance.

  • This room has an access code, you will come to the Checkout Desk to obtain the code when you arrive for your reservation.
  • You are responsible for the safety of children in your care. While we've made efforts to childproof the room, no solutions are infalliable.
  • Do not leave children unattended. Monitor their safe use of the room.
  • Due to high demand, users may reserve up to six hours per week in 30-minute blocks, up to two hours in a single day.
  • Contact the Knight Checkout & Reserves desk at (541) 346-3065 or with any questions about this room or to cancel a reservation.

Amenities, Facilities and Additional Helpful Details

  • Please sanitize surfaces before/after use, alert staff to facilities needs.
  • Forget to bring a diaper for the child? Please ask at the Circulation Desk, we have a limited number of sizes we can give you!
  • Please use changing stations in restrooms (Gender Inclusive Restroom 113b near Admin offices, or Men's Restoom 127 and Women's Restroom 126 located close around the corner from this room). 
  • Please dispose of soiled diapers in restroom facilities.
  • This room contains a sit stand desk.
  • This room has an inclusive sized rocking chair, up to 450lbs.


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